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US Student Visa

The United States welcomes foreign students to American language schools, high schools, universities and other institutions of higher education. Thousands of learning institutions are approved to accept foreign students as full time students. It is possible to change schools and universities while being on an F-1 Visa without leaving the country.


Student Visa Types:

F-1 Visa (Academic Visa) - If you wish to attend a university or other academic institution in the United States, including primary and secondary schools, or a language training program you require an F-1 visa. It is possible in certain limited circumstances for the holder of an F-1 visa to obtain permission to work in the United States. You can remain in the U.S. for up to 60 days following the completion of the course or practical training on your F-1 visa.


M-1 visa (Nonacademic Visa) - If you wish to pursue a course of study which is not principally academic in nature at an established vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution such as a post secondary vocational or business school you require an M-1 visa. Holders of M-1 visas may only engage in employment if it is a required part of their practical training and the employment has been approved in advance by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. As a holder of an M-1 visa you may remain in the United States for the period of time it will take to complete the course of study as indicated on the I-20M plus 30 days, or for one year, whichever is less. Spouses and/or children under the age of 21 who wish to accompany or join you in the United States for the duration of your stay require derivative F-2 or M-2 visas.

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