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Am I eligible for an NZ Long Term Business Visa?

To be eligible for this business visa for New Zealand you will need to:

  • Satisfy the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS) that you are genuinely interested in establishing a business in New Zealand;
  • Have a satisfactory business plan (see below);
  • Have business experience and market knowledge relevant to your business plan;
  • Have detailed financial information about the business set up and maintenance;
  • Have not been involved in business bankruptcy or failure/fraud within the previous 5 years;
  • Have already obtained professional/occupational registration in New Zealand if it is required for operating your proposed business;
  • Meet the NZIS health, character and English language requirements;
  • Have the necessary investment capital for the business and sufficient funds to support any spouse/partner or dependent children included in your application.

Your business plan must include:

  • Details of the type, validity and financial viability of your proposed business venture;
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for yourself and the proposed business;
  • Realistic financial forecasts for the business;
  • Evidence of your relevant business experience and knowledge;
  • Your business record - which shows you have not been involved in business failure, fraud or bankruptcy in the last 5 years;
  • Details of the planned marketing, product distribution, ownership structure and timelines for the business.

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