Am I eligible for an Irish Green Card?

The Green Card Permit for Ireland is only available for certain occupations and salary levels.

To be eligible for an Ireland Green Card you need a job offer from an employer/company which is registered with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland and the Irish Revenue Commissioners for trading in Ireland.

You must provide evidence that you possess the relevant qualifications, skills or experience for the position.

The Job Offer
Your job offer must be on company-headed paper, dated within the previous sixty days and the offer must be for a period of two or more years.
It must specify the following:

Where the annual salary (excluding bonuses) on offer is €60,000 or more, the Green Card Permit is available for all occupations, other than those which are "contrary to the public interest". There is no need for a labour market assessment test prior to applying for the permit.

Ireland Green Card Permits are available for jobs in the annual salary range €30,000 - €59,999 (excluding bonuses) - but only for a restricted number of strategically important occupations. If your occupation is on the following list of occupations you can still apply for this Ireland work permit:

Economic Sector Occupation Job Titles
All Sectors ICT Professional IT/Computer Systems Managers; IT/Computer Analysts; Database Administrators/Architects; Business Process Specialists; Messaging & Communications Specialists; IT Architects; IT Security Specialists; IT Project Managers; IT Product Managers; Data Analysts; Web Developers including Social Media Specialists; IT Network Specialists; Computer Programmers; Software Engineers and Software Developers (all languages including JAVA); Application and Computer Testers; Application Developers; Computer Gaming Developers and Designers; Cloud Computing Specialists; IT Legal Specialists including IT Contract Specialists; Localisation Specialists; IT Intellectual Property Specialists; IT-Enabled Education Specialists; IT Foreign Markets Specialists and UI/UX Engineers.
All sectors Health Professionals ProfessionalsMedical Practitioners; Pharmacists/Pharmacologists and related occupations; Registered Nurses; Specialist Nurses; Dental Practitioners; Clinical Nursing Managers and Advanced Nursing Practitioners.
Health associate professionals Medical Radiographers; Audiologists; Dieticians; Medical Scientists; Orthoptists; ECG Technicians; Neuropsychological Measurement Technicians; Biochemists; Vascular Technicians; Respiratory Technicians; Cardiac Catheterisation Technicians and GI Function Technicians.
All Sectors Professional Engineers and Technologists Electrical Engineers; Chemical and Formulation Engineers/Analysts (including with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients background); Design and Development; Network; Validation; Product Development; Planning; Process and Quality Control; Regulation Engineers; Industrial Hygiene Engineers; Telecommunications Validation Engineers; Manufacturing Instrumentation and Control Technicians; Electronics Engineering/Applied Physicists.
All Sectors Researchers and Natural Scientists Researchers; Chemists, Natural Scientists; Biological and Microbiologists; Physicists and Material Scientists and Bio-Pharmaceutical R & D Project Managers.
All Sectors Business and Financial Professionals and Associate Professionals Chartered and Certified Accountants; Actuaries; Management Consultants; Business Analysts; Compliance Specialists; Risk Analysts/Specialists; Tax Experts; Legal Experts and Credit Specialists.

Green Cards will not normally be issued for jobs paying under €30,000 a year.

EU nationals do not need a Green Card to work in Ireland. Nationals from the countries of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland do not need employment permits to work in Ireland. However, nationals of Bulgaria and Romania will need a Green Card unless they have been working in Ireland on a work permit for a continuous period of 12 months or more prior to 31 December 2006.

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