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Australia Student Visa

The Australian student visa allows international students to complete long-term educational courses in Australia. In addition to studying it allows working part time for up to 20 hours a week. To apply for a student visa for Australia you must first be accepted in an educational institution registered with the Government as a provider of education to international students.

Important Before Applying

Please bear in mind that in order to apply for a student visa for Australia, you must first be accepted in a college, or a university. An unconditional acceptance letter should be accompanied by a proof of paid tuition fees, or the appropriate university-required amount for deposit. After that, Visa First will help you acquire your visa by processing your application and representing you in front of the Immigration Authorities.

Australia Student Visa Requirements

  • Confirmation of Enrolment to an Australian university – after being accepted, and your deposit is paid, your visa can now be processed in not more than 124 before the course starts.
  • Your education provider must be registered with the Australian government to offer courses to overseas students.
  • Clean immigration history in Australia – previous compliance with the immigration law is a must – if you were deported or asked to leave Australia, you aren’t eligible.
  • Sufficient funds to support your stay and return to your home country – bank statement may be issued by the Immigrations.
  • You have to have sufficient English level to be able to freely communicate in Australia and complete your course. Common way to prove that is to take an IELTS test.
  • Be of good and healthy character. Generally, it’s up to the Immigrations to decide whether you must undergo health examination.

Visa Duration

The visa duration depends on the length of the course you are enrolling in. You will be allowed some additional time, up to 3 months, to settle in Australia and to leave it afterwards.

Apply for an Australian Student Visa With Visa First

Your safest bet to obtain an Australian student visa is to apply with Visa First. Our visa experts will help you with all the required information, guidance, and will prepare your application up to the requirements of the visa issuing authorities. Being represented by Visa First means your chances are maximised – we make sure your application is completely sound, all requirements are met, and all required documents are available. Contact us on the appropriate local number of contact us online.


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