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Am I eligible for an Australia Fiancé/Prospective Marriage Visa?

The Australian Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary fiancé(e) visa for unmarried partners wishing to migrate to Australia. The visa is valid for 9 months only, during which time you must marry your Australian fiancé (sponsor).

To be eligible for an Australia Fiancé Visa, you must:
  • be sponsored by an eligible person;
  • be aged 18 years or over (or aged 16 years or over if you have an Australian court order allowing you to marry your intended fiancé(e));
  • be of the opposite sex to your fiancé(e);
  • have met (as adults) your fiancé(e) in person and you are known to each other;
  • both be free to marry and both be of marriageable age. Your intended marriage must also be able to be recognised under Australian law;
  • genuinely intend to marry your fiancé(e);
  • genuinely intend to live with your fiancé(e) as husband and wife;
  • meet health and character requirements of Australian Immigration

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