Am I eligible for a Second Working Holiday Visa?

To be eligible for an Australia Second Year Working Holiday Visa you must fit the following criteria:

Specified Work
This is any type of work undertaken as an employee of a primary producer. You will need to provide evidence of this work. Download the Employment Verification Form 1263. This form must be completed by all the employers you did specified work for during the first 12 months of your time in Australia. If you have completed your harvesting work after 31st Aug 2015, you will be required to provide evidence of paid employment such as payslips or tax documents.

Regional Australia
Any area outside of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, NSW Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne or the ACT.
Regional Australia is defined by specific postcodes. You should check the postcode list before starting specified work to ensure it is in an eligible area.

Proof of Funds
As Visa First will apply for your Australian Visa electronically you will not need to submit additional documentation such as bank statements in order to be granted your visa. However, applicants for the Australia Working Holiday Second Year Visa will need to declare in their application that they have sufficient funds for a return onward fare from Australia, as well as sufficient funds to support themselves while in Australia on their working holiday. This is usually about AU$5000 (€3,000/£2,100/CA$4,200) plus additional funds for your return airfare.

Conditions of Work
Under the Working Holiday Visa Programme, you are not entitled to work in Australia for longer than 6 months in the same job, nor are you entitled to study or train for more than 4 months while in Australia.