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Sydney Short Intensive English language Course

If you are planning on studying English we can help you get the best English skills thought the general English course working with experienced teachers that have postgraduate qualifications and are specialists in Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

The atmosphere is friendly and caring. Teachers and all staff take a genuine interest in each and every one of their students. They strive to assist students to progress in English language learning at their own pace and at the correct level.

This course is designed to enable students to learn to speak, understand and read and write English in a variety of communicative situations.

Reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar are all covered in class, although the main emphasis is on speaking and listening.

From beginners to advanced the main objectives of this course is:

To improve speaking and listening skills and 'think in English'.

To learn to work independently and establish control over the direction of their study.

To gain an understanding of Australia and Australians.

To learn about cross-cultural differences through direct contact with Australian people in schools, social groups and business.


This consists of ongoing written in-class and homework assignments, tests, written and oral presentations with a final test.

Students have the option to study in morning or evening classes.

This course involves full time study with 20 hours of ‘face to face’ teaching and 5 hours of complimentary option classes per week (25 hours per week full-time or 20 hours per week part-time).


Option Classes available to students are:
Conversation Class
Media Club
Writer's Workshop
IELTS Preparation


If you want to book English courses(click here ) or you can contact us by email at info@visafirst.com or by phone +359 1 878 3329.