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About EAP

EAP (English for Academic Purpose) course is one of the specialised courses designed to help prepare students for tertiary education in Australia.


The course is quite intensive and can be stressful, but it is also very rewarding. The course is designed around several assessments, such as essay writing, giving oral presentations, etc. and focuses on the necessary skills required to successfully complete each one


Why study EAP

1. Direct Entry (IELTS Exemption) into VET colleges, TAFEs and Universities
2. Excellent Nationality Mixture: Europe, Latin America, Asia
3. Proven results: Many students have successfully gained entry to VET colleges, TAFEs and Universities(especially Macquarie University and Australian Catholic University)
4. Well qualified, active, kind and professional teachers


Course Structure
At present there are 3 EAP levels:


EAPC (Equivalent to Intermediate level or completed Pre-Intermediate): This level gives an introduction into Academic English and is slightly more challenging than Intermediate level. Many students join this class if they aspire to go to University, TAFE or APC Business.


EAPB (Equivalent to Upper Intermediate level or completed either EAPC or Intermediate): For students who wish to enter TAFE, this course is more demanding than EAPC and students need to be at least at an Upper Intermediate level. Students must complete 12 weeks in this course and get a B- grade in the major assessments in order to get direct entry into TAFE.


EAPA (Equivalent to Advanced level or completed either EAPB or Upper Intermediate): For University-bound students, this course is very demanding and quite intensive. Students must complete 12 weeks in this course and must get a B+ grade in all 4 assessments in order to enter any University with which the college has an articulation agreement.


Students who are unable to provide evidence of English proficiency will be required to complete a Pre-Arrival English Test (PAT) to determine their level of proficiency. The PAT is indicative only. You will be provisionally accepted into the course prior to arriving at the College. You may be required to study in the General English program based on your final English proficiency assessment on arrival.



Students are assessed through weekly class tests, regular homework and class tasks and extended projects including extended essays, journal reviews, grammar reviews, literature reviews and oral presentations


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